Thursday, December 15, 2005

MLB Rumors Staff

MLB Rumors is a collaborative effort by baseball enthusiasts, some of whom have experience working in baseball journalism, either past or present. This blog has been online since December, 2005. To submit tips, write mlbrumors - at - yahoo - dot - com.

  • Greg Fieg: A longtime news and sports journalist, Greg Fieg grew up within shouting distance of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Fieg is the founder of MLB Rumors.

  • Baseball Medic: "Baseball Medic" is the pen name of a highly regarded doctor, a graduate of Duke University Medical School and longtime practicing surgeon. Baseball Medic writes about medical issues and interprets baseball injury reports based on publicly available information about those injuries.

  • The Flogger: "The Flogger" is the pen name of a lifelong Cincinnati Reds fan, longtime blogger, and onetime sports newspaper journalist.

  • Bronx Bomber: "Bronx Bomber" is the blog alias of a major New York Yankees fan who is a contributing writer.

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