Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Reap the Wild Wind

Yes, Adam Eaton was once highly prized but remember, afterall, that his numbers were produced in the National League West, where there are three of the most pitcher friendly parks in baseball. Also, his debilitating injury and subsequent catastrophic second half last year leaves him something of a question mark. Chris Young, however, put up his 12 wins and 4.25 ERA despite pitching in second worst pitchers' park in baseball. If Eaton wins 15 games in Texas and Young wins 12 games in San Diego, was the trade really worth it? And as for Adrian Gonzalez, the only question about him is why the Rangers didn't use him more at DH when they had the chance. And as for Termel Sledge, the only question about him is why Washington let him get away in the first place.