Monday, February 27, 2006

Alfonso Soriano's 2B position is 'Secure'

Alfonso Soriano can take comfort that the Washington Nationals second base job is secure. The problem is that it's secure for Jose Vidro, not Soriano. If Soriano has any doubts about how manager Frank Robinson intends to use him, all he has to do is look around as he takes infield practice at the opening of camp. While Vidro, in his best health in more than two years, is strengthening his rapport with fellow defenders by fielding alongside starters Ryan Zimmerman, Nick Johnson and Cristian Guzman in one of the main fields closest to the clubhouse, Soriano is in an outlying field...taking grounders with the likes of rookie Larry Broadway and backups Kory Casto and Brendan Harris. Then they have Soriano shagging flies in the outfield and practicing hitting cutoff men. Soriano still insists he wants to play second, and the standoff has not been entirely played out. But at this point it looks like the Nats wouldn't put Soriano at second even if his mother embroidered his name on the bag.