Thursday, February 23, 2006

Andruw Jones Sticks With New Batting Stance

Atlanta Braves OF Andruw Jones was told three years ago by some front-office official named Hank Aaron that Jones needed to change his batting stance. He needed to widen his feet at the plate if he ever expected to reach the lofty potential expected of him, Aaron told Jones. But Jones didn't listen. After all, what did the all-time homerun king know about hitting? It took more than 24 months, but finally, in a fit of epiphany last spring, Jones tried Aaron's suggestion and the results were instananeous. Not only did Jones have the best camp of his career with 10 spring homers, he went on to lead the major leagues for the season with 51 dingers and 141 RBI. Jones is back in camp again and he is healthy and sticking with his new stance, leaving no reason to think he won't reach the homerun stratosphere again. This year, however, Jones wants to continue hitting the homers, of course, but he will attempt to raise his batting average 30 or 40 points as well. He would be satisfied to reach the .290 range.