Sunday, February 12, 2006

Molina Leaves in a Huff

It may be a harsh to say that Bengie Molina is bitter after the Angels let him depart via free agency. However, the fact remains that as he was leaving the parking lot in Anaheim, Molina doused the front seat of owner Arturo Moreno's Lexus with a liter of Jose Cuervo then tossed in a lighted cigar. Can you say "payback time?" What should be remembered now about Molina, who at 31 arrives at the proverbial prime of life, is that he'll be motivated to make the Angels regret that they didn't treat him right, and that he'll be batting in a punched up lineup in Toronto. The only downside is that former Blue Jays starting catcher Greg Zaun will be pressing for playing time at Molina's expense, but Zaun should be all right now that the firemen have talked him back in from the ledge.