Friday, February 03, 2006

Taguchi Wins Nod to Play Left; So?

So Taguchi has won manager Tony LaRussa's nod to be the St. Louis Cardinals everyday left fielder next year. So? So a 37-year-old spare part will play every day and highly regarded prospects Johnny Rodriguez, 28, and Larry Bigbie, 29, will sit on the bench and practice spitting sunflower seeds. So? So Gerald Ford is coming out of retirement to seek the 2008 GOP presidential nomination, Richard Widmark is returning to the silver screen to play the lead in a remake of "Fall of the Alamo," and Sparky Anderson is coming back to manage the Cincinnati Reds. So? So wasn't it about this time last year that the Cardinals announced that Taguchi and Timo Perez would be their '05 left fielders, then wound up signing a couple of guys named Walker and Sanders? So what? So nothing.