Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Todd Walker's Knees Still in Question

Chicago Cubs 2B Todd Walker has yet to test his knees, both of which were injured at different times last year, the right one as recently as September. Though he is a .290 career hitter and batted .290 with 12 HR last year despite being limited to 93 starts, his health remains a question at age 32. Until Walker can be observed running, it is difficult to imagine any team trading for him and his $2.5 million contract, though the Cubs have made it clear it is a distinct possiblity Walker will be moved because of dissatisfaction over his defensive limitations. Neifi Perez, who batted .274 with 9 HR in 154 games last year, and Jerry Hairston, who hit .261 with 4 HR in 114 games, would compete for the 2B job if Walker's knees continue to hold him back, or he plays elsewhere.