Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Alfonso Soriano May Be Wavering

Washington Nationals 30-30 slugger Alfonso Soriano, who will lose $61,700 a game if he is condemned to the ineligible list for refusing manager Frank Robinson's order that Soriano move from 2B to the outfield, may be wavering in his game of brinksmanship. Sources close to Soriano indicate he is seeking the advice of his agent, family in friends before deciding whether he'll capitulate. However, Soriano has kept in mind that had he relented to pressure from Yankees five years ago to move from second to the outfield when Soriano played in New York, his pay today would be perhaps just $4 million to $6 million, instead of the $10 million a year he commands as one of the top three offensive second basemen in baseball. With those stakes, he can afford to lose some earnings for a few games.