Thursday, March 30, 2006

Borchard Makes an Impression, So Does Burgos

Former Stanford quarterback Joe Borchard, trying to make a roster...any roster...after being cut by the White Sox and picked up by the Mariners, made a strong impression by going 2-4 with a single and a homer in Tuesday's 10-10 nine-inning tie with the Royals at Peoria Sports Complex at Peoria, Ariz. Then he negated the impression with a bad showing in the eighth inning when he came up against Royals closer Ambiorex Burgos, who nearly spun Borchard into the ground like a cork screw in retiring him on four pitches. Others homering in the contest included the Royals Angel Berroa and Tony Graffanino, and for the Mariners the 6-foot-8 catatonic hulk Richie Sexson, too dimwitted to recognize the throng of young admirers begging for his autograph and yet always seeming to be swinging where the pitcher is pitching and able to get around the bases despite dragging his knuckles in the dirt.