Friday, March 24, 2006

Cliff Floyd Capable of Repeating '05 Productivity

Other than the fact that 33-year-old Mets OF Cliff Floyd has missed more than 1000 AB over the past four years due to various injuries, no reason suggests that he is incapable of playing a full season now because of imminent prognostications of renal failure. In fact, Floyd has been given a clean bill of health but for minor concerns about his kidneys functioning at less than ideal efficiency. Floyd says he feels as though he is at full strength and wants to play a full season as he did in '05. Doctors have cleared him to play without undue reserve. Floyd was alarmed 10 days ago when it was discovered he had elevated levels of creatinine in his blood and other symptoms that could foreshadow kidney failure, a congenital disorder he potentially inherited from his father, who underwent kidney transplant at age 37. Floyd, who batted .273 and hit 34 homers in 550 AB last year, has been placed on medication and agreed to modify his diet by cutting back on pop, sugar, salt and fast food. This year Floyd will bat sixth behind OF Carlos Beltran, 1B Carlos Delgado and 3B David Wright.