Monday, March 06, 2006

Coco Crisp Does Fred Lynn Impersonation

New leadoff man Coco Crisp wasted no time turning heads as Red Sox camp opened in Fort Myers. He violently dove headlong into the alleys and slammed his body on the ground, sliding along the grass. Then he repeatedly rammed his body into the center field walls and crumpled into a heap over and over on the warning track. It was then pointed out to him that position players would not report for another week, so wouldn't he rather spend his time resting in his room? Still, Crisp's pledge that he "will not be afraid to run into walls and get hurt" has management looking at potentially the team's most aggressive center fielder since Fred Lynn, the type of player that when the days grow short and the playoffs are on the line can be relied upon to be watching TV from the safety of his hospital bed.