Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cubs Bus Stopped by Police

Cubs manager Dusty Baker, a former Marine who knows a little bit of how to deal with a man in a uniform, smiled his best smile and tried to take the blame for the team's bus driver being in violation of his "hours of service" limit. But the cop wasn't buying it. Having pulled the bus over as the Cubs were enroute to a game with the Mariners at Peoria, Ariz, the cop found the bus driver's log book was three days out of date, with the last entry recorded in Colorado. Ordinarily, the bus driver might have been put out of service on the spot, but in consideration of the players on board and the 10,000 fans waiting to see them at the Peoria Sports Complex, police escorted the bus to the stadium where the driver was ordered to catch up his log book and take a 10-hour break. The bus company was compelled to call another driver to take the team back to Mesa, Ariz., at the end of the game.