Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dallas McPherson Back from Minor League Camp

The Angels Dallas McPherson returned Saturday from minor league camp, where he had been sent to get extra ABs in intrasquad games in an effort to break him out of his spring slump. McPherson immediately struck out upon his return, but later stroked a clean looper to left center for a hit. McPherson continues to bat less than .100 and has had trouble hitting the ball out of the infield. It remains to be seen whether McPherson will stay with the big club or be demoted to Salt Lake City in two weeks. McPherson remains on the 40-man roster and is being given every chance to recover his stroke after injuries spoiled his season last year. Switch-hitting rookie Kendry Morales appears to be threatening to overtake McPherson in competition for the DH spot.

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Anonymous said...

This is not a comment to this post specifically, but a general question I have after reading many of your blog posts.

Why do you favor steroid users?

This is apparent because you commonly refer to Sosa as "fiture hall of famer Sammy Sosa." It's also obvious because you mention nothing about Bonds' steroids controversy, but mention his pain and sleeping pills.

Are you heir apparent to Balco?