Monday, March 20, 2006

Denny Neagle's $3 Million Prostitute

Former Colorado SP Denny Neagle, having completed 40 hours of court ordered community service in retribution for his conviction of patronizing a prostitute, has foreited $3 million of the remaining $19 million the Rockies owed him on his original $51 million contract.

The forfeiture resulted from the team's challenging Neagle's contract on morals grounds due to the prostituion arrest. Neagle, 37, was stopped on suspicion of speeding by Lakewood, Col., police Dec. 3, '04, when officers noticed Neagle's pants were unbuckled. Jill Russell, left, who was riding in Neagle's passenger seat and who later pleaded guilty to prostitution charges, told police Neagle had paid her $40 for oral sex. Neagle, who is out of baseball, last signed with Tampa Bay but was released in Feb. '05.