Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Kris Benson, 'Throw-In,' Struggles in Camp

Baltimore SP Kris Benson, acquired along with 100 viles of penicillin as a throw-in in a trade for his wife Anna, has had a rough transition to the Orioles. While Benson struggles with a 5.89 ERA in 18 spring innings, his ex-stripper wife has enjoyed Florida camp, attending Grapefruit League - uh - action and tallying some 2 million hits a month on her website devoted to celebrity poker and other persuits. Anna Benson, right, recently denied she and her husband were traded by the Mets to Baltimore because of her racy public profile, preferring instead to think of the deal as a "business decision." She has called attention to herself with a publicized sex romp with her husband in their automobile in the parking lot of Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh and with spicy photos on the internet. Despite her image, she is a self-described conservative mother of three who, if she ever caught her husband cheating, would "screw everybody" on his team in retaliation. "Coaches, trainers, players...everybody would get a turn," she has warned, but presumably no bat boys.