Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Nats Unable to Find Match for Alfonso Soriano

The Nationals would prefer slugger Alfonso Soriano to simply move from his beloved 2B to left field and play, but are reluctantly willing to trade Soriano to resolve the problem of his refusal to switch positions. However, after investigating for several days potential trading partners such as the Angels and others, the Nationals have been unable to find a willing suitor with an agreeable exchange rate. In the meantime the team and Soriano continue to speed toward a collision course on Thursday, when the Nats will put Soriano on the ineligible list, which will bar Soriano from being paid and cost Soriano $61,700 a game. Most obsevers predict manager Frank Robinson will not back down, but teams like the Mets are slobbering over the potential, however small, that the Nats will decide to trade 2B Jose Vidro to open a spot for Soriano.