Monday, March 27, 2006

Tim Salmon Lends a Hand, Lands a Job

Seeing wide-eyed '05 rookie Dallas McPherson feverishly competing with potential '06 rookie Kendry Morales, veteran Tim Salmon was only too happy to offer avuncular advice to calm the two youngsters. And whom of the two has one the coveted DH spot they were fighting for: Tim Salmon. Based on consideration of his fine spring, magnificent comeback from injury and considerable status as one of the greatest players ever to wear a halo, Salmon will win the final roster spot, McPherson will be sent to the minors to recover his stroke and Morales will be sent down to polish his defense. The Angels ongoing negotiations with Boston to trade youth for veteran Red Sox OF Manny Ramirez could break the logjam if the two teams could come to terms. Among other issues, talks are stalled over how much of Ramirez's contract the Sox should cover.