Sunday, April 09, 2006

Aaron Miles Has His Ups and Downs

St. Louis starting 2B Aaron Miles is a likeable, pleasing sort of chap whose calm, cooperative demeanor has opened doors for him throughout his career, and saved him from having to find work as a sideshow midget. But at 5-foot-7 and 160 pounds, the 29-year-old Miles is somewhat physically challenged in a game that more and more each year becomes a contest of giants. Though Miles has owned a batting average in the range of .300 for most of his minor league stops, his brief periods in the majors have been marred by excellent play followed by prolonged periods when he somehow seems to lose his form. Though Miles is off to a good start after a strong spring, look for him to sputter soon and run the risk of becoming the next Bo Hart. If the past is any indication, he'll slump to the point that he'll be threatened with being benched, and then and only then will he find enough concentration to stay in the lineup. Then watch for the pattern to continue until ultimately the Cardinals find another Bo Hart to take his place.