Thursday, April 13, 2006

Edwin Encarnacion Benched to Protect His Psyche

Cincinnati third baseman Edwin Encarnacion, 23, was benched for Thursday's game at Wrigley Field in Chicago after committing three errors the previous day. The veteran Rich Aurilia took his place. Reds manager Jerry Narron said Encarnacion was not being punished, but was held out to give Aurilia some playing time and for fear Encarnacion would become depressed should he commit another error, a likely possibility because of dubious infield conditions. It was also rumored that two coaches were dispatched to Encarnacion's 44th-floor room at the Park Hyatt where they bolted his windows, removed a can of Drano from the kitchenette, took away his belt, the medicines at his bedside and any sharp objects. As an additional precaution the house dick was posted at the door to the roof. Hopefully Encarnacion will not fall off the excercise bicycle in the weight room or they probably will take that away from him too.