Sunday, April 16, 2006

Jeff Kent beaned; Barry Bonds Struck in the Arm

Dodgers 2B Jeff Kent was struck in the head by a pitch from San Francisco's Brad Hennessy in the 7th inning of Sunday night's game, and Barry Bonds was hit by the Dodgers Tim Hamulack in the 8th in what umpire Lance Barksdale determined was retaliation. Barksdale instantly ejected Hamulack as Bonds, apparently struck on his protective armor guard, came out of the game for a pinch runner. Bonds did not appear to be injured. During the previous inning Kent also came out of the game but was not thought to be seriously hurt. Kent had been examined on the field by trainer Stan Johnston as Kent sat momentarily stunned at the plate. Kent was lucid enough to argue with manager Grady Little that he wanted to stay in the game, but Little took him out as a precaution. Kent joined other players sitting on the bench.