Sunday, April 30, 2006

Miguel Tejada Leaves Game with Roberts, Millar

Results of an MRI examination showed no inflammation or structural damage to Baltimore shortstop Miguel Tejada's knee, but the joint remains tender and sore, so much so that Tejada took himself out of play in the sixth inning of Saturday's game. Tejada, who benched himself after hitting the second of his two singles on the day, was not expected to miss time, but his discomfort clearly raises questions about Tejada's durability over the long season. Also coming out of Saturday's game after being nicked up were Kevin Millar and Brian Roberts. With Javy Lopez sitting out with back spasms, and David Newhan and Luis Matos on the DL, the Orioles wound up with a very peculiar field defense by the end of the game: Jeff Conine at third base, Chris Gomez at short, Melvin Mora at second and Ramon Hernandez at first.