Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Reds Fans Forgetting Wily Mo Who?

At 24 and on a trajectory to follow statistical projections previously charted by Boston's David Ortiz, Wily Mo Pena may yet make Reds fans regret his trade to the Red Sox. But in Cincinnati they're thrilled for now, as newly acquired Bronson Arroyo is 2-0 with two homers and by virtually any assessment will chalk up 200 innings and double digit wins by the end of the season. The trade Reds fans are regretting is the one that resulted in the loss of Aaron Boone, who is playing strong defense at third base and batting .350 for some other team at the north end of Interstate 71. The inequity of the deal was underscored Wednesday in a 5-1 loss to the Cubs in which new third baseman Edwin Encarnacion had three errors, contributing a total of five for the day for the team. At the same time Brandon Claussen, the pitcher the Reds acquired for Boone, was credited with another loss and gave up four runs in five innings. Meanwhile, center fielder Ken Griffey Jr. came out of the game with muscle strain in his leg, was awaiting a medical report and likely was to miss time day-to-day.