Thursday, April 06, 2006

Reporters Acquiesce to Destruction of Stadium

The House that Steinbrenner Tore Down continues on a collision course with its 2008 demolition deadline. A New York City landmark since 1923, Yankee Stadium will be destroyed with the acquiescence of the best reporters money can bribe. For more than three years George Steinbrenner has been rolling out the buffet table for the New York media and other opinion makers during "backround only" junkets that featured chummy elbow rubbing with Yankee VIPs and their conspiratorial sale of what was once an unthinkable idea. Unlike the New York media, most Big Apple fans want to keep the original stadium, but have been going along with the plan rather than opposing it and thus risking Steinbrenner's enmity and manifestation of his implied threat to move the Yankees to New Jersey. Money interests tried to pull the same stunt in Boston but the fans would not permit the destruction of their beloved park.