Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sinatra Did it His Way, Teams Do It Their Way

The Yankees and White Sox stadium public address systems conclude games with the singing of the late Frank Sinatra. But even though Sinatra grew up in Hoboken, N.J., within sight of the Manhattan skyline, he was no Yankee fan. Having homes in Beverly Hills and Palm Springs, and having often been seen in the company of Dodgers players and brass, many assumed he supported the former Brooklyn Dodgers when they moved to Los Angeles. As it turns out, however, Sinatra was actually a fan of the New York Giants, and continued to follow them when they moved to San Francisco. Ironically, however, it is Tony Bennett's voice, not Sinatra's, that is played at the conclusion of Giants games. Sinatra was not offended, however. An old-fashioned saloon-style singer like himself, Bennett was the best there ever was, according to Old Blue Eyes.