Friday, May 12, 2006

Derrick Lee, Traveling With Team, Nears His Return

The removal of injured Cubs first baseman's Derrick Lee's full cast, and replacement by a less restrictive, shorter, lightweight one, greatly accellerates Lee's theraputic excercise program and hastens his recovery. Whereas the old cast immobilized Lee's arm from the shoulder to the fingertips, the new one isolates immobilization at the impact area only along the forearm. Expect Lee, who is traveling with the team, to begin rehabilitation play no later than mid June, as the two broken bones near Lee's right wrist are well along toward healing themselves with no need for surgery. Rehabilitation play will likely last for not much more than two or three games. Lee's tendons, ligaments and cartilage remain intact, giving him full articulation once the smaller cast is removed. The excercises in which Lee can now participate include one-handed lifting and even bat swinging.