Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Despite Suspension for Bat Throwing Incident, Delmon Young Not Much Further From Big Leagues

Suspended minor leaguer Delmon Young, eligible to return to International League play June 19, has been privately reassured that he is no further away from a callup to the Devil Rays than he was before the suspension. In fact, Young may be even closer to a callup than before. Young, 20, playing for AAA Durham, had no chance of being called up before June 1 anyway, as the Rays are unwilling to start his service clock and hasten the approach of his contract arbitration date. Considering that Young's immaturity was one of his biggest issues blocking him from the big club, ironically, the Devil Rays regard his suspension as having a positive impact because of the sobering effect it has had on the young outfielder. Not only was Young hurt and embarrassed by a storm of bad publicity, the suspension cost him $145,000 in pay. Young, accused of throwing his bat at an umpire, admitted he lost his head and promised it would never happen again. Young demonstrated he was worthy of empathy due to his contrition, and avoided a suspension that might have topped 60 games or more.