Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dontrelle Willis a Fish for Life? Don't You Believe It

On one hand you have Marlins team owner Jeffrey Loria's vehement protests that he has no intention of trading rotation ace Dontrelle Willis, because "we are building a team here." On the other hand, you have the Marlins unprecidented two fire sales and Loria's suspicious proposal to move the team to San Antonio. Worse, there is Loria's decision to sign Willis to a mere one-year contract, meaning that Willis can collect his $4.35 million at the end of the year and walk off with any other pair of good looking legs that strike his fancy. In other words, with Willis potentially gone at the end of the season anyway, why wouldn't Loria trade him to the first place Reds for their young third baseman Edwin Encarnacion? The deal makes sense for the Reds, who are desperate for pitching and whose speedster Ryan Freel has essentially no place to play. If the deal goes through, Freel would move to third, while newly acquired Brandon Phillips would take Freel's customary position at second base.