Monday, May 01, 2006

Doug Mirabelli Wants to Rescue Tim Wakefield

San Diego backstop Doug Mirabelli, heartbroken when the Padres acquired Mike Piazza and reduced Mirabelli's playing time, is agitating the team's front office to return him to the Boston Red Sox. Doug Mirabelli wants to come to the aid of Red Sox knuckleballer Tim Wakefield, whose record stands at a disappointing 1-4 despite Wakefield's more than respectable 3.90 ERA. Mirabelli and Wakefield were a winning combination when Mirabelli played for Boston and served as Wakefield's personal catcher. Now Wakefield is struggling with catcher Josh Bard, who has 10 passed balls and has thrown out only one of 13 base stealers during Wakefield's starts. Padres executives have quietly acquiesed to Mirabelli's stirrings, opening talks with Boston. However, if San Diego's price is too high, the Red Sox have recently acquired former Mariners catcher Corky Miller and parked him in Pawtucket. Without a trade for Mirabelli, expect to see Miller replace Bard soon.