Monday, May 08, 2006

Ripken Recalls Horse Whose Name Was a Gas

Broadcasting on Kentucky Derby weekend, XM Radio talk show host Billy Ripken recalled a certain race horse that had a certain ... uh ... air about him. Though Ripken, the former Orioles second baseman, said he did not approve of such humor, he couldn't resist recalling a nag named "Hoof Hearted." Ripken recalled that race fans in the grandstands were stunned one day to hear the race announcer calling out phrases such as: "Hoof Hearted on the rail! Hoof Hearted on the outside!" A run for the wire might have sounded a little bit like this: "And down the stretch they come. It's Man-O-War followed by Sea Biscuit, John Henry, Secretariat, Northern Dancer and ... Who Farted?"