Friday, June 23, 2006

Derrick Lee Disappoints Hundreds in DesMoines

Hundreds of Iowa Cubs fans were disappointed when injured Chicago first baseman Derrick Lee failed to show up for his anticipated rehabilitation start in DesMoines on Friday. Lee, who had been expected to begin play as early as two weeks ago, reportedly has undergone setbacks in his recovery from broken wrist bones sustained in a first base collision on April 21. The Iowa farm club has ordered a special No. 25 uniform for Lee, as the team had no jerseys large enough to fit the 6-foot-five, 250-pound corner, who wears size 52. There was no indication that Lee was unable to play, though unofficial sources at Sec Taylor Field in DesMoines suggested Lee had failed to arrive by gametime. The team said Lee has already been penciled in to start Saturday and Sunday.