Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Good News is Bad News for Twins Brad Radke

Coming out of camp the word on former Twins ace Brad Radke was that his game had gone in the toilet because his changeup wasn't working and hitters were sitting on his fastball. Well, the good news is that Radke's changeup is back, according to observers on the ground in Minneapolis. But the bad news is, Radke's fastball, formerly clocked at 94 mph, has been crossing the plate at about 85 much of the time, and there's so little difference between it and the changeup that neither pitch is worth a flip. Radke has now given up an astonishing 109 hits in 74.3 innings plus 22 walks, hence his 6.17 ERA. Radke had reasonable performances his last three times out, but nothing special. Check his velocity to determine whether he is recovering his form.