Thursday, June 08, 2006

HGH Issue Not Simple as Black and White

With doctors in California treating glaucoma with cannabis and prescribing heroin for terminal cancer patients in England, perhaps one day society will come to regard the present aversion to human growth hormone as quaint, much the way we look back today on the failed policy of Prohibition. When one has experienced the suffering of a Mickey Mantle, a Doug Drabek, a Mark Fydrich, a Glenn Davis and thousands of others, ethical questions are muddled by the individual's compulsion to improve the human condition, promote healing and relieve insufferable pain. No matter how many invasive procedures are adopted by baseball, the Players' Association or the government to violate the privacy and personal choices of its citizens, don't be surprised if one day the letters in the corner of your Wheaties box proclaim: "Now fortified with HGH."