Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Top Indians Prospect Andy Marte Threatens Boone

Cleveland's top prospect Andy Marte, 22, has been unable to usurp slumping veteran Aaron Boone, 36, because Andy Marte has been hitting not much better than Boone for AAA Buffalo. Until now, that is. Though Marte's overall average is still mired at just .268, indications are that the top-rated Dominican is coming around. Marte was recently named International League Player of the Week after hitting .346 with five homers and 12 RBI for that seven-day period. Though Marte, who hit 20 homers in just 360 AB for AAA Richmond last year, has been held back all season by the same flawed batting instruction the Indians used to nearly destroy former top prospect Brandon Phillips, indications are that Marte has somehow been able to start thinking for himself and let his natural ability take over. Look for the Indians to either bring Marte up at the first indication he can perform consistently, or else keep messing with his swing to the point that he digresses into a sniveling, shivering useless wimp, then pile him into the back of a taxi and send him down I-71 to Cincinnati to join Phillips.