Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Perez Trade Shows KC Still -- Uh -- Committed

Just when you thought the formerly great Kansas City Royals franchise was lost, adrift, listing heavily without direction, purpose or pride, along comes GM Dayton Moore with a startling, single, bold stroke - the trade of RP Elmer Dessens to the Dodgers for struggling SP Odalis Perez-- to make it perfectly clear that, much to the contrary, the team remains unwaveringly committed, unyieldingly focused and more determined than ever to cling to its long established goal of stinking up the American League.


Anonymous said...

Nice post. Really, you should probably do some research.

Perez was a throw in. The Royals were also given two pitching prospects in the deal. Also, the Dodgers pitched in 8 million to cover Perezs salary.

This blog sucks. A post every 2 weeks. Get a real job.

The Cooperstown Kid said...

Yes, and Elmer Dessens was a serviceable mop-up man and spot starter. And cah-cah with a red ribbon on it is still cah-cah. So lighten up dude. People who live in "Glass" houses ...

Craig said...

Ignore the first poster, though it's true the Dodgers did give up two - arguably marginal - low A prospects which was the main reason KC thought they'd give it a try. That and the promise that Odalis Perez once held could somehow be revitalized in KC. Dessens is a solid long reliever. The Dodgers actually ended up with plus $3 after all the accounting is done with. And mostly, they got rid of a bad attitude who could no longer pitch. Imho.

Anonymous said...

The Dodgers didnt end up with money out of this deal. Here are the specifics:

Elmer Dessens p
2 years/$3.4M (2006-07), plus incentives

* acquired in trade (from KC) 7/06, with about $2.4M left on Dessens' contract & about $16.3M left on Odalis Perez' contract
o LAD paying to KC $8M cash
o KC responsible for Dessens' 2006 & 2007 salaries ($2.4M left)
o LAD responsible for Perez' $4.5M bonus
o KC & LAD to split $1.5M 2008 buyout (with KC returning $0.75M to LAD if Royals trade Perez during life of his contract)