Wednesday, August 16, 2006

D'Backs Shawn Green Likely to OK Trade to Mets

It would be nothing less than shocking if Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Shawn Green invoked his no-trade clause to block his theoretical trade to the Mets. With the acquiescence of his family, the 35-year-old Green would jump at the chance to play in New York, not only because the aging veteran could finish his career with a team possibly bound for the World Series, but because he feels unappreciated in Phoenix. After more than 300 homers, some 150 stolen bases, 1,000 RBI in more than 4,000 atbats in a dozen years of service to Major League Baseball, Greenie feels manager Bob Melvin has made it abundantly clear he favors that new kid in town, Carlos Quentin, 23, over Green and his so-so .280 batting average and dozen or so longballs.