Monday, August 14, 2006

Tony Gwynn Jr.'s Callup to Brewers a Certainty

Tony Gwynn Jr. -- son of future Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn Sr. -- is an absolute, stone-cold lock for a September callup to the Brewers. After going 7-15 in a brief appearance as a bench warmer in Milwaukee, and hitting at a better than .300 clip in Nashville, Gwynn's days of struggle at the plate appear to be behind him. Gwynn also has stolen 25 bases for the AAA club, and is described as a textbook copy of his father both in psychology and form, with superb work habits and a positive clubhouse presence. What remains to be seen is how much playing time he will get at the expense of youngsters Gabe Gross and Corey Hart, who have usurped floundering veteran Jeff Jenkins, 32. In any case, Gwynn's appearance only further buries Jenkins, whom the Brewers would gladly trade if there were any takers.