Monday, September 04, 2006

Fausto Carmona Will Displace Indians A.J. Sowers

Former Indians closer-of-the-week Fausto Carmona's arm is being conditioned by trainers at AAA Buffalo so that he can return to Cleveland, this time as a starter to replace fellow rookie Jeremy "A.J." Sowers in the rotation. With the Indians 18 games out of first, and with nothing to play for, manager Eric Wedge has decided that it's pointless to risk Sowers' health by pushing him too hard at his tender age of 23. Though Sowers has pitched only 76 innings for the Tribe, he already threw an additional 97 innings for the Bisons before being called up, putting him dangerously close to his career seasonal limit of approximately 175 innings. Sowers will continue to travel with the team, but he'll do little more than rest at game time. Meanwhile Wedge is eager to see whether Carmona, having failed as a closer, may be more suited to go long. Watch for Carmona to take Sowers' last two scheduled starts.