Saturday, November 18, 2006

J.D.Drew Seeks to Put Off Free Agency Rendevouz

Dumping J.D. Drew's remaining $33 million, three-year deal with the Dodgers became a no-brainer for Drew's agent Scott Boras. Boras recognized an opportunity when he guaged the number of anticipated position openings throughout both leagues for 2007, the relative shortage of personnel and the number of teams with cash. Moreover, Boras reasoned that under Drew's current contract his oft-injured client would be in a weak position to file for free agency three years from now when the current pact terminates just as Drew would be turning 34, marking the downside of his career. Better to file now, in his prime, while there's still a chance for one last big play. Expect Boras to hold out for a five-year deal that, given Drew's dubious health issues, very likely will take Drew to the brink of retirement at 36. And don't be surprised if Drew is one of those guys who irretrievably winds up on the 60-day disabled list when he finally hangs up his cleats. After all, even with two nearly fully productive seasons out of the last five, Drew still has missed a quarter of the games in which he was eligible during that period.