Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Joe Crede Will Stay with White Sox for Awhile Yet

A certain West Coast rumor alleging an impending trade of White Sox 3B Joe Crede to the Angels has little viability. Joe Crede, his defense, right-handed bat and 30 homers aren't going anywhere but Chicago's south side -- at least for now. In the first place, the White Sox have a playoff contending team largely in place, and Crede makes up a key piece of it. Secondly, Crede will bring a much higher price at the trading deadline next July 31, when the front office will have had the option of dealing him if the team has fallen from contention. Moreover, coaches will have had eight more months to judge the progress of '04 first round 3B prospect Josh Fields, 22, as Crede's replacement, and another half a season to determine whether Crede has recovered from chronic back problems and other nagging health issues. The notion is laughable that the White Sox, even with Crede in the last year of his contract, would part with him for Angels IF/OF Chone Figgins. The White Sox wouldn't give up Crede for Figgins anymore than the Angels would just throw in SP Irvin "Magic" Santana, or the the White Sox give up SP Freddy Garcia, to balance the trade.