Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lyle Overbay Keeps Hearing Footsteps Behind Him

Blue Jays 1B Lyle Overbay brings decent leather, a .300 batting average and intermittent power to the game, but no matter how well Overbay plays he's always having to look over his shoulder. Having been chased out of Arizona by Richie Sexson and from Milwaukee by Prince Fielder, Overbay now hears behind him the thundering footsteps of Chip Cannon, a confident, 6-foot-five, 250-pound left-batting first baseman who is tearing up the Arizona Fall League. In little more than a couple dozen at-bats, Cannon has hit 11 homers with a more than .700 slugging percentage, .350 batting average and .420 OBP. At age 26, Cannon may be just about ready for big-league play, and will be given a chance to prove it next spring.