Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rangers, Orioles Watch Barry Bonds Negotiations

The Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles are watching to see whether slugger Barry Bonds and the San Francisco Giants contract talks advance toward resolution. The Rangers and Orioles have room for a slugger at DH, and potentially deep enough pockets to acquire Bonds if Bonds and the Giants negotiations stall. So far, progress is limited, with Bonds and the team a reported $7 million apart. Bonds has reportedly opened negotiations with a request for $14 million a year, an amount the Giants have no intention of paying. Bonds will have to come down significantly to keep communications open. So far, it looks suspiciously like the Giants intend to pay little more than lip service.


Anonymous said...

The Orioles need Bonds on their roster for DH because they have little power hitters all they have is good cluch such as Markakis,Tejada, and Roberts.
Bonds would make a huge impact on the Orioles playoff thoughts for next year

Anonymous said...

Tejada?? Where have you been? talking basbeball and not even a true fan!!! but yes we (Orioles)do need Bonds. Not only for the power but he would sell tickets