Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rangers Ponder Dealing Mark Teixeira to Detroit

This has all the markings of a classic Tom Hicks deal. First the 6-foot-6 Rangers team owner deals SP Chris Young to San Diego, only to watch the former fan favorite lead the Padres to the playoffs with a 3.56 ERA. Also lost to the Padres in the deal was 1B Adrian Gonzalez, who goes on to hit .301 with 24 homers. Meanwhile, virtually the only thing Hicks gets back in the deal is oft injured SP Adam Eaton, who misses most of the season while going 7-4 with an ERA exceeding 5.00. Eaton then files for free agency, leaving the Rangers with two holes in the starting rotation. Desperate now to replace Young and Eaton, Hicks reportedly is considering trading future megastar Mark Teixeira to Detroit for SP Jeremy Bonderman, but must insist on getting highly questionable Chris Shelton in the deal because the Rangers would have no one to play 1B with Gonzalez gone, not to mention former Rangers farmhand Travis Hafner lost to Cleveland in a previous trade.