Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Astros Hopeful SP Andy Pettitte Will Stay in Fold

If the Yankees want to bid $15 million for SP Andy Pettitte's '07 services, that's fine with the Astros. The Astros won't match it, probably don't have to. The Astros are gambling that with Pettitte having earned more than $100 million in his 16-year career, he has plenty and there isn't enough to tempt the Louisiana native to leave his Houston environs at any price.

Moreover, with Pettitte considering taking a year off just to be with his family, perhaps even retire, it's a good bet he would never return to New York just for a pot of gold. Even if Pettitte leaves, the Astros are confident another pitcher can be acquired, either through free agency or trade. Among the bait being dangled: closer Brad Lidge.