Monday, December 04, 2006

J.D. Drew Prompts Biggest Protest Since Tea Party

Red Sox fans haven't been up arms like this since the Boston Tea Party. The idea of trading Manny Ramirez is bad enough, but the signing of frail J.D. 'Nancy' Drew for five years at something like $50 million or more has almost caused a revolt in Beantown -- especially after the Red Sox let Johnny Damon go to the Yankees last year. Ironically, the uproar over Drew in Boston has been matched by the glee in Los Angeles, where many Dodgers fans seem only too happy to see Drew go. If Red Sox GM Theo Epstein is determined to buck this kind of sentiment, don't be surprised to see one more boy wonder among the missing one of these days.

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David said...

In a sense, the Sox seem to be trading one headache for another in picking up Drew and shedding Manny. That would be less of an insult to the Red Sox Nation hadn't Damon been let go the previous season.

There is a chance that Drew may thrive in the Boston atmosphere, which seems to either break the spirits of players (Renteria) or turn them into legends (Ortiz).

Do you think it's safe to gauge Epstein's future on the deals of this offseason? If Drew flops and Matsuzaka never comes to fruition then a lot of the capital available to Epstein would have been wasted - not to mention he would have lost baseball's most paradoxially exciting player - Manny - who while never breaking a sweat in baseball has managed to become a perennial allstar.