Saturday, December 02, 2006

Kei Igawa Worth Much More Than Half of Matazuka

The comparison has been made that Japanese pitcher Kei Igawa -- currently negotiating with the Yankees -- is half the pitcher that is Daisuke Matazuka -- who's negotiating with the Red Sox. While the negotiating rights did come at half the price, in point of fact, a statistical comparison between the two show Igawa is anything but half-strength.

Matazuka is coming off his career year at 17-5 with a 2.13 ERA, but Igawa's career year, '03, tops it at 20-5, 2.80. Both have eight years service, are almost the same age and same height and weight. Matazuka averages 169 K's per season, Igawa 146; while Matazuka walks an average of 62, Igawa only 49.

Matazuka's career won-loss record stands at 108-60 with a 2.95 ERA; Igawa's 86-60 with a 3.15 ERA while pitching for a much weaker team. If Igawa comes at anything like half the price of Matazuka, his glass isn't half empty; it's half full.

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Anonymous said...

In 2004 and 2005, Igawas' ERAs were
3.73 and 3.86. Those numbers would translate into ~5 ERAs in the Al East.

Igawas 2.97 in 2006 looks like a (*cough* Pavano *cough*) fluke.

Meanwhile, Matsuzaka has had a 2.30 and then a 2.13 ERA, in 2005 and 2006.

Matsuzaka is not only badass, he's improving.

The same can't be said of Igawa.