Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ryan Klesko May Find a Suitor in San Francisco

Even among teams that could use a first baseman as an upgrade, as a trade component or even a backup, Ryan Klesko isn't finding many eager takers. Though the 36-year-old San Diego refugee claims he's fully recovered following his injury-marred season, his best years are clearly behind him. Still, the Giants are looking Klesko over, not only for his potential, but because he brings a couple of key intangibles to San Francisco: he's old and he's old.


eyethesky said...

Klesko proved he is sound physically, can hit, can draw walks, and knows his offensive skills are intact. He finsihed the season with some very good at bats for the Padres.

At first and DHing (if he went AL) he is most valuable.
Giants should use him not Aurillia. He has always played very hard for Bochy.

Smart player, with a few years left if used in the correct way.

The injuries and Petco were the reason his numbers dropped. He would have hit another 10-15 homers if they had a normal right and right center like at Qualcomm. Those long outs altered HR, RBI, Slugging and BA. Nevin too looked old and powerless. And look at Giles.
Banjo hitter now.

The Cooperstown Kid said...

I have always admired Klesko. It would be great to see him make a comeback. Excellent comment. Thanks