Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sosa, Gonzalez Seen as Oldies, But Not Goodies

Former big-time sluggers Sammy Sosa, 38, and Juan Gonzalez, 37, are finding no takers as they put out feelers throughout the major leagues for a chance to make a comeback. Sosa is working out at his home in Miami and Gonzalez is working out and playing near his home in Puerto Rico.

Sosa's last big season was with the Cubs in 2003, when he batted .279 with 40 homers in 517 atbats. In his last season, for Baltimore in 2005, injuries held Sosa to 380 atbats though he managed 14 homers while hitting .221.

Gonzalez's last big season was with Cleveland in 2001, when he batted .325 with 35 homers in 532 atbats. Due to injuries, Gonzalez has been unable to play in more than 82 games in a season since.