Thursday, December 21, 2006

White Signing Relegates Twins Jason Kubel to DH

Minnesota's signing of aging Rondell White means former top prospect Jason Kubel will be relegated to DH, receiving playing time that already has been partly promised to newly signed veteran 3B Jeff Cirillo.

Twins management is trying to justify Kubel's downgrade as a provision for him to buy more time to recover from a knee injury. But the injury is already more than two years past; how much more time does he need?

Ironically, White, a 14-year veteran at 34, who reupped with an incentive-laced, $2.75 million one-year contract, has health issues of his own, having been unable to appear for more than 500 atbats since 1999. White will be paid $8.5 million in '07 if he gets 650 plate appearances. Sure!

Not fully recovered from a nagging shoulder injury from the previous year, White washed out last season as the starting DH, hitting just .194 in that role for the season.