Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cliff Floyd Signing May Crimp Matt Murton's Time

Newly signed outfielder Cliff Floyd has hinted that the quality of his spring training play likely will put him in a position to win a full time role for the Cubs, but NBC Sports at in Chicago sees him sitting against left-handed pitching in favor of youngster Matt Murton, with neither player having more than 400 at-bats for the season, perhaps considerably fewer.

The arrangement would be especially detrimental to the development of Murton, who at 25 needs regular play. The oft-injured Floyd at 34 would seem more ideally suited as an outfield and first base backup and pinch hitter. Floyd would stand a better chance of staying healthy as a reserve.

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Anonymous said...

cliff floyd win the left field job...let's try and stay healthy for a full season before thinking about taking the full time job. murton might be better than floyd in the near future, and only sweet lou has the power to decide your fate mr floyd as a starter or a platoon player.