Sunday, February 11, 2007

Homer Bailey Unlikely to Escape Minors Just Yet

Expect Homer Bailey to be spending his 21st birthday in Louisville, if recent remarks by Cincinnati Reds Player Development Director Terry Reynolds are any indication.

Reynolds, interviewed on XM Radio, cautioned that Bailey could always win a spot in the Reds rotation during spring training at Sarasota, Fla., and that the decision would be up to the team's front office. But he said the general feeling is that Bailey will start the year at AAA Louisville, the team's International League farm club.

Bailey likely could pitch in the majors now. But Reynolds said coaches seem to think Bailey could use refinement of his changeup, and the club feels no complusion to rush him. If veteran Kyle Lohse continues to struggle to find the plate as he did iearly last season in Minnesota, or if youngster Elizardo Ramirez regresses, don't be surprised if one or the other finds himself replaced by Bailey before mid-season.